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Have you got one of our Loyalty Cards yet? If not make sure you ask for one next time you're in the salon.


Loyalty Card Beauty HerefordOur loyalty scheme is certainly worth having if you like to treat yourself now and again, or would like to experience something new without breaking the bank.


Receive loyalty points for treatments and products purchased. (3 points for every £1 spent on treatments and 1 point for every £1 spent on products.) Redeem these points for reward treatments and products. So the more loyalty points you build up, the more treats you can have, both treatments and products.


The only thing we ask is that when you redeem a reward, you have it alongside a treatment that you are paying for as well. We will need to know at the time of booking that you are redeeming a reward.


If you're short of time and can't spend the time on 2 separate treatments, we've come up with a whole host of upgrade treatments. What this means is that, for instance, if you want a Pedicure and you have enough loyalty points, you can book and pay for a File and Polish of your Toes and by using some loyalty points you will actually receive a full Pedicure.

So - no extra time involved, you've paid for part of your treatment and redeemed a reward at the same time - can't be bad!


Our receptionists will always be able to tell you what rewards are available for you to book, with a simple click on your card on our computer!


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